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About psychic and love expert's Services:

Low of vibration expert ~How can make the balance with your love life, career, financial with applying the law of vibration .

I was born into a family of clairvoyant individuals and I have many years experience with this.

 I have been given a gift of being able to tell past, present and future by holding objects or touching people (Psychometry).

With the aid of Divination/Tarot, I can ascertain information by interpretation. More than often I can provide accurate timing, day to day event's

This is where I give my tarot readings and the set up I cards, angels and crystals are going to help you!                                                 

                   In spirituality everything helps






Experience & Qualifications

Knowledge is power, spiritual works of mercyI love to share my gift as a "SEER". I aim to provide you "BANG ON!" accuracy in my visions, with more answers, details & clarity. I am also proud of my renowned Spaniard great-grandmother, people would travel on foot for miles to see her powerful ability for levitation, psychic insight & healing. Soulmates & Twinflames What was the strange attraction that brought your souls together When you met did you think WOW? When your with them do others things not matter? Was your soulmate/you married or in another relationship? Did he/she run from you? Did he/she say I love you then take it back? Do you shake when you touch? Was making love with your soulmate not the same as with others, even those you loved? Is he/she not someone you would have went for? Do you long for him/her & don't understand why? Are you having dreams & it's been months, years? Do you pick up emotions you don't know where they came from? When he/she is not talking to you or around you in some way do you feel like a part of you is missing, or that something is just not right with life? Smile again. SUCCESS Starting a business, wondering if you will get that raise, or if your boss & co-workers like you, etc. these & more questions about your work or college career answered. Best success. Love and relationship Tarot readings are my specialty. (Runes and Angel Cards are available on request, as a cross-reference to the Tarot reading.) Usually, Tarot cards give more detail, while runes and Angel Cards are better for reading "the big picture" and personal development. If you thought you had a connection that would enrich both of your lives (and now he/she is behaving in a way that confuses you) and you feel that well-meaning friends (who have never felt this way) would try to offer advice, using words like obsessed, addicted, and co-dependent, do not worry: The Tarot will tell us what is going on below the surface.


A Third Generation Reader .-Clairaudient - .Ability to Hear Sounds Voices Phrases Music Talks surround.-Clairsentient - .Ability to Feel Emotions Resistance Barriers. -Clairvoyant - .Ability to See Objects Images Signs Symbols Events.-Empathic - .Ability to Discern Comprehension of the 'State' of Others True Intentions Hearts Desires.

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